So here we go…

Welcome to my website! Twenty years ago when I began writing, there was nothing like this, so we told our friends via phone or letter (*explanation below for you younger folk) or (eek!) face to face, when we had something published. Now I love seeing what other people are doing and buying hard-to-find books online or downloading digital books.

After working full-time for some years, I’m giving my writing career a kick up the proverbial by going online and getting back out there…

By the end of June this year I hope to have my first young adult novel ready to go in eBook format, so stay tuned for more details!


* Letter – a strange thing where we used a pen to handwrite a message on paper that was then folded, shoved into an envelope (more paper!), whereupon we licked (yes, licked!) the flap of the envelope to seal it shut, then licked the back of a funny-tasting small square bit of paper (the stamp), stuck the stamp on the front of the envelope, wrote the recipient’s actual home address (no, not their email or website or social media address) beside it, and sent it off via the postie. If you were lucky, your person received the letter the next day or maybe a week later or occasionally never at all, resulting in much hand-wringing if it was important. So glad technology is so much more reliable, ha!

About carolynswriting

Author, Menagerie Manager, 9-5er. Love my writing, my family and other animals, my friends, and even my job :)
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