The Bellybutton Piercing Scene

Below is an extract from Facing Up, with a scene that will make a few toes curl and some parents may not let their kids read it in case they try something similar!

This was one of the first scenes I came up with years ago when I came up with the characters of Carly and Suzie. It’s what can happen when a couple of smart, rebellious teenagers get bored at home. I have it on good authority that it has been tried before, in even less hygienic conditions!

Please read and enjoy, and feel free to post a comment or share on Facebook, etc 🙂

(Language warning)

The Bellybutton Piercing Scene

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4 Responses to The Bellybutton Piercing Scene

  1. karl and jen says:

    loved it Carolyn….had us crossing our legs in pain and laughing at the same time !!!!
    cant wait to read it all……..


  2. Stella storrar says:

    I loved it it was really cool i hope to read more soon (I’m Kirstin’s daughter by the way) 😀


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