The fun & games of self-publishing

Well, it has been a while, but it’s still all happening! There’s some strange and interesting things that have to be worked on before you put a book out yourself…

It involves such things as organising an Amazon account, which means dealing with the US tax office, of all things! Luckily I had come across a very helpful blog that guided me through this – Irish writers Catherine Howard & her guest blogger David Gaughran had already done all the hard work and written about it. Thanks guys! I now have my US tax number so will not have to pay (as much) tax on any books I sell…

(If you’re a budding eBook self-publisher, see their fantastic link: )

Then there was buying the ISBNs. Yes, this is useful even if you’re selling the book yourself online. I’m presently aiming to do a Kindle eBook format and a small number in paperback B format size to sell and give away. An ISBN is the best way to register and track a book – and it also looks far more professional. And you can also buy the barcode to go with it, in case the paperback edition actually makes it into bookshops! It’s always good to (try to) plan ahead…

And then there’s the formatting – luckily I have a very nice friend Rach who does this for a living. However, funnily enough, she has other things in her life, like work… and more work… and travel! So we’re just on hold for a short while, during which I have to make some decisions for the paperback edition, like the type and size of font, the location, size and font for chapter headings, etc – most of us have little to no idea of the design process and detail that goes into making a book readable and attractive to its target audience.

And I also need to make sure I have all my extra details ready, like who I want to thank (Rach, mainly, in this case!), and a little (but not too much) info about myself. The problem with many authors is that they tend to be a bit shy and internalised, so this part is HARD!

But stay tuned – we are still on track, it just may be a September release rather than the July date I mentioned originally 🙂

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Author, Menagerie Manager, 9-5er. Love my writing, my family and other animals, my friends, and even my job :)
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