Working away…

typing-monkey[1]This is one of those posts that writers use to make ourselves sound busy 😉

No, really, it’s a good idea, useful to remind ourselves of what can be achieved, and something to look back on when we’re feeling flat and don’t think we’ve been trying. And it can be good to work through what we’re doing, and plan more. It’s a bit like the Twitter hashtag #amwriting, used by writers to convince ourselves, possibly more than others, that we ARE WRITING!

So here we go – I have been:

  1. Reading. Lots of Young Adult (YA) books, all Australian and all contemporary at the moment. I have fallen behind in the last few years in this, but now I’m finding it inspiring (and a lot of fun!) rather than feeling like I can’t achieve the same quality.
  2. Joining in Twitter chats & hashtag campaigns #OzYAChat, #bookclubaus and #LoveOzYA. The first two are forums where we chat about Australian YA and fiction respectively. #LoveOzYA is a campaign by authors Ellie Marney, Danielle Binks and Emily Gale to encourage the reading (and writing) of Australian YA books. It’s not saying ‘don’t read overseas authors’, rather it’s saying ‘don’t forget to read Aussie YA as well as The Hunger Games, The Divergent series, John Green et al’.
  3. Preparing to enter competitions – finishing a dialogue short story as mentioned previously in the post Short and Sweet; re-working and finding a suitable competition to enter another short story that has been rejected a few times; and gearing up for the Ampersand Prize. This last one involves working on a short author bio, a two sentence pitch and a one-page synopsis for my YA novel, Facing Up. It’s not easy, but at least writing short stories and Tweeting a lot has helped me cut down my word count 😉
  4. Signing up for a YA Masterclass at Writers Victoria with the amazing author Maureen McCarthy in September. Eeeeee! Yep, pretty excited about spending two days with an author I’ve long admired, getting some tips on pummelling a manuscript into shape. I have a feeling I’ll be flat-out exhausted and will need to get back to my 9-5 job to rest. Just kidding, boss.
  5. Adjusting my website as I go, including the ‘About Me‘ page. I admire people who keep theirs to one short and smart paragraph, but I also like the ones that explain people’s backgrounds, so I picked the latter and rambled on.
  6. Writing. Enough said!

Pets sleeping where Carolyn worksMeanwhile the animals lie around waiting (im)patiently for some attention, I try to concentrate on work when at work, the housework falls aside and my husband… well, he’s around here somewhere. I’ve promised to take him to dinner tonight 🙂

(PS he’s paying – I’m a penniless author!)

About carolynswriting

Author, Menagerie Manager, 9-5er. Love my writing, my family and other animals, my friends, and even my job :)
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3 Responses to Working away…

  1. You do sound busy (and with a master class coming up, you’re only going to be busier, it sounds like!). I think you definitely should enjoy a dinner out!

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