Bedroom habits

Elvis in bed

Elvis’ sleeping habits are not necessarily what I’d like (that’s MY pillow!)

So. It’s confession time. I want to know all about your bedroom behaviour, your sleeping style, your night-time needs.

I’ll be forward here: do you sleep alone, or as a couple, or maybe a threesome… or even more? Groups can be cosy. Too cosy, sometimes.

As a four-animal household (okay, six-animal – I can’t say that I or my husband are any more clean-living than our furry companions), I’m curious to hear from other combined households as to where your pets sleep at night.

This isn’t at all scientific, or looking to embarrass anyone, it’s just purely out of interest!

Originally when we adopted Tillie and Elvis the dogs, it was summer and they slept outside in our large backyard. As we don’t have a back verandah where they could see into the house, we set up an old sofa in our garden shed. It is so comfortable and peaceful there that I sometimes sit in there for ten minutes or so during the day, a dog on either side, just chilling out. And they happily got up to go outside when we went to bed. But then as we all got to know each other, and the weather got colder and wetter, they stayed inside overnight, sleeping on their dog beds in the lounge room.

Now the dogs and their beds have moved to our bedroom floor. Tillie’s is a child’s cot mattress, a good quality one with springs, found on a hard-rubbish collection outside a neighbour’s place. It’s big and firm enough for her large, arthritic old body, and she turns round and round on it before sinking down with a deep sigh of contentment. She’s under the window where it’s a little cooler for her thick fur coat.

Elvis with his fine whippet coat sleeps on an ageing soft dog bed with sides, that sits on a flat but firm cushion, also rescued off another neighbourhood collection. So he’s up high and comfy, out of the draft, and best of all, up against our hydronic heater, which he snuggles against (under his blanket).

No, they’re not spoilt at all 😉

More recently, Elvis has migrated onto our bed, sneaking up around dawn to lie at my feet. Which sounds sweet and delicate, except he tends to drop his very muscular 18kg body onto my legs, then push back hard to ensure I know he’s there. Tillie has shown the occasional longing to get up too, but she sensibly prefers her floor-level bed. I’m not sure what’s worse, assisting 49kg of arthritic smelly dog onto our bed, or helping her get down safely. We’d build her steps to get up, but then one or more humans would need to sleep on the couch…

Luckily the room is slightly larger than the average bedroom. And luckily it fits the king-size bed we bought recently. We’re both taller than average, and our two cats are larger than average. So when they decide to share our bed, it’s often a case of waking to find we’ve been pushed to one side. How does that happen when they’re less than a tenth of our weight? Always a mystery!


The cats find our bed particularly relaxing.

It’s always hard to know when Hermie & Izzie will decide to sleep with us. They have varied sleeping spots around the house. The only constant habit is that if we come back from a rare weekend away, they will definitely get on the bed with us, and purr madly. Hermie often ‘asks’ me to come to bed, coming to find me if I stay up too long watching TV or writing in the loungeroom, and doing his charming ‘squeak’, trying to entice me to the bedroom. He likes to lie curled up at the back of my knees, or against my stomach, especially when it’s cold.

Izzie, who’s the shy one and not as vocal, often likes to sleep by herself, in the warm spot on the sofa once we’ve gone to bed. But sometimes she arrives while I’m reading in bed, announcing her leap with a friendly trill, then comes right up to my face, nuzzling my book and trying to nibble the page corners. The book-love is apparently a common cat habit, but Hermie doesn’t do it. She’ll then throw herself down alongside my pillow, sometimes staying all night. If I’m not careful, I end up with a faceful of her very fine fur, which attaches itself to everything.

At least the five chickens are confined to their luxury roost in the backyard. However, a couple have made it to the house while in rehab from dog-incurred injuries – Edna lived in the laundry for some weeks, and Pandora in a box in the spare bedroom for a couple of months until she had recovered enough to spend time outside.

Yes, it can be a crowded bedroom, especially on the coldest ‘two cat’ nights. And yes, it’s a smelly one too… But it’s the best 🙂

So, what are your pets’ bedroom habits, if that’s not too intrusive a question?

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7 Responses to Bedroom habits

  1. I think we have pets to spoil them. They’re part of our lives and make us happy. So what a little animal or two in your bed. I love an afternoon nap with my dog cuddled at my side. It means I’m not being lazy – I’m bonding with my dog and being productive. Ha Ha.

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  2. Choppy has a large dog bed which she refuses to use. Instead, she sleeps on a ratty old bedspread I used in college, because why sleep on the expensive, fancy bed when there is a perfectly good and ugly sheet to be had?

    She does get to sleep in bed when we are on the road, but she prefers to have her own bed even then, so I try to get a room with two beds when we are all on the road together.

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    • Oh that made me laugh! They go from one extreme to another, aren’t they 🙂 We gave Elvis an inch and he’s taken a mile, but it’s hard to be mad when he’s lying on his back on the bed beside me, wriggling while looking at me upside down!
      Hey, the thought did cross my mind that perhaps Choppy thinks she’ll wake up wearing a costume if she shares a bed with you! 😉 But I love the idea of her having her own bed in the motel room on the road!

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      • I never thought that she might be worried about waking up in a costume – but that would be an excellent explanation as to why she has no trouble staying away from the bed!

        And the separate bed thing just sort of started happening at some point. She really likes it. So long as she doesn’t start asking for her own bedroom at home, I think we’re OK…

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      • Then it would lead to needing her own ensuite, plus one of those big mirrors with all the light bulbs around it, then room service at home as well. Hmm, maybe she IS a cat/lion!

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      • She already has figured out the room service part (or at least the “someone provides me with something to eat twice a day just for showing up” part of it), so she’s well on her way to cat life, it seems!

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