Sunday lazy day

Exactly what the title says – it’s Sunday night after a busy weekend so it’s photo time 🙂


Izzie & Hermie are serious writers


Hermie looks good in stripes


Izzie – so elegant


Hermie – king of the backyard


Izzie’s rabbit feet











Elvis on the run…


And in hiding…








Chooky in vege garden 1

Our chicken-proof vegie garden


Seating for chickens and cats only










Me and Tillie – I’m pretty sure her head is bigger than mine 😉

About carolynswriting

Author, Menagerie Manager, 9-5er. Love my writing, my family and other animals, my friends, and even my job :)
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9 Responses to Sunday lazy day

  1. adorable! I wish I had a cat to do my typing for me, heheh 😅❤️

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  2. I laughed out loud at chicken proof garden. So, if nothing else, it was good for that!

    Also, I though the picture of Izzie’s rabbit feet looked somewhat skunk-like. I was glad to have a caption on that one as reassurance that you were not having an unpleasant home invasion.

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  3. Hey, you know, that is true! I quite like *snort* – I only use it when I really do snort, so keep an eye out for it!


  4. WordMothers says:

    Love the chickens on the bench!

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