Formatting and 99c sale!

I’ve reduced the Kindle version of Facing Up to US$0.99c in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, just because! It’s interesting to play around with these things on the Kindle Direct website. I hadn’t realised that I can reduce the book this far down in price – but only if I also reduce my royalty! Everything comes at a cost, so it seems πŸ˜‰

I’ve also updated the formatting with the help of my good friend Rach, who put it together for me in the first place, following my instructions on what I thought I wanted in the layout.

I have realised since that it didn’t look quite right once it was published in Kindle form. It seemed okay when it was first done, although I think I was just so excited to have the book ready to go that I overlooked a few things. I’ve since read quite a few more eBooks this year, and when I then looked at mine, I noticed just how distracting the formatting was.

The indents were far too short/shallow. Indents help break up the text into manageable ‘bites’ – it’s easier for many people to read when the text looks less dense. And they signal the brain to show that a new paragraph has begun. We don’t realise just how quickly the brain works when reading!

And there wasn’t enough space between ‘sections’ in a chapter, so that the change of scene was jarring – the eye needs to see that break, so that the mind can accept within a split second that we’re moving to another scene. Funny how you don’t realise how all this stuff works until you read something with poor formatting and find yourself distracted and not reading smoothly.

Perhaps with the next eBook, I might choose the style that I use while blogging, which is quite common for online formatting – no indents but a line space between paragraphs. For the eBook, I would then need a much larger space between sections within a chapter, or a simple marker such as an asterisk.

I would also like to make some text changes to Facing Up, but have decided this can wait, as I’m trying to concentrate on getting my second book readable enough to send it out to early readers. It’s getting there, albeit very slowly!

But in the meanwhile, hope you survive the lead-up to the holiday season, and perhaps think about buying Facing Up as a Christmas present for yourself or any teenagers in your life πŸ™‚

Facing Up_Cover.inddClick here for more on Facing Up

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9 Responses to Formatting and 99c sale!

  1. I can’t believe I hadn’t bought this before, but I have corrected that!

    Out of curiosity (and if you know), if you update a Kindle book for format or content, does it automatically update it for people who already own it? I sometimes see a book on my Kindle re-download, and I have assumed (without knowing) that this is what is happening.

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    • Oh you are a star, thank you so much! Ah yes, I looked into that – authors can ask Amazon to do this, but it has to be for formatting reasons, not text, I believe. They check for errors – if minor, they just activate something that allows customers to update if they want to. If major errors, they message the book’s buyers to let them know of the issue & update. If it’s really bad formatting issues, they’ll pull it from sale to allow for corrections. Sort of cool πŸ™‚

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  2. dominique says:

    Have to say that my COMPLETELY impatient and frustrating efforts to put ebook mine some months after I launched a printed version also resulted in bad formatting… and I have never bothered to change it ! Find the whole ebook/Amazon thing so soul less but know that we can’t avoid it if we want more readers (which we all do) and so ..thanks for your prompt!!
    If I had a kindle, I would DEF download your book (perhaps an xmas pressie???) and wish you all the very best with your new one!

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    • Hi Niki & thanks for the follow! yep, I don’t think I would’ve got there if my friend hadn’t done it for me πŸ˜‰ Hope all is going well with your book & thank you for your wishes!
      PS you can download a Kindle reader for free on your laptop – useful for checking your own eBook but not as portable as an actual Kindle of course πŸ˜‰

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