And the winner is…


An actual book made of paper!

Well, I had a lovely time this past week with the Australia Day Blog Hop, thanks to all involved, especially Shelleyrae at Book’d Out, who organised the whole thing.

I’ve drawn a winner, and a signed copy of my YA novel is on its (very slow Australia Post) journey to Tien, of TiensBlurb. Hope you enjoy it, Tien! Thank you to all who entered, it was a very nice way to meet new bloggers, authors and readers 🙂

If you missed out on a Blog Hop prize, live in Australia, and are still interested in winning a signed paperback copy of Facing Up, I’m presently also doing a Goodreads Giveaway that finishes this Tuesday (February 2nd). There are three copies up for grabs this time – click here if you’re interested.

And if you live elsewhere, it’s also available as a Kindle on Amazon – click here for Facing Up, available for US$0.99 (about AUS$1.35). That’s only a little more expensive than the cost of posting an average letter in Australia.

I say this because unfortunately Australia Post’s costs have just had quite a hike – a typical letter now costs AUS$1.00 to post, up from $0.70. Conversely they have also made the delivery times longer. No, I’m not sure why that’s considered a good business move. But sadly it made me think twice about opening my Giveaways to the world. When I did my first Goodreads Giveaway to launch Facing Up, I gave away five copies, world-wide. Goodreads picks these with an automated system, and all the winners happened to live in far distant countries. Let’s just say it cost me a fair sum to post all of those back in 2014 when the prices were much lower, so I’m not going there again for now 😉

But enough griping! I’m busy adding finishing touches to my second YA contemporary novel (working title ‘Inside Out’) and hoping to send it out to some beta readers in the next few weeks. I’ll reveal some details next Sunday, including (hopefully) a better title.

And I’m off to two YA book launches in Melbourne in the next two weeks. One is for ‘The Stars at Oktober Bend‘ by Glenda Millard, the other is a double launch for Kirsty Eagar’s ‘Summer Skin‘ and Justine Larbalestier’s ‘My Sister Rosa‘. Some amazing and very different titles and writing and subject matter, plus a chance to meet other authors, readers and bloggers in the Melbourne #LoveOzYA scene. I don’t get out much to socialize in the book world, so I’m really looking forward to putting faces to Twitter handles!


A section of the ‘library’

It’s great to get out and do a bit of networking, and also to chat to others in person about our shared love of reading and writing books for teens. Not to mention that the launches are being held in bookshops, so look out, wallet! I plan on adding to my library of actual books that I can hold in my hand to read (with bonus cat rubbing up against it – what is it with cats loving books and newspapers?), and then attempt to shelve in my overcrowded library (aka tiny sunroom lined with mismatching bookshelves and a desk to pile all the unshelved books onto).

Enjoy your week ahead and I hope it includes time to read a good book 🙂

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  1. BunKaryudo says:

    Sounds like you’ve been amazingly busy recently.

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