Still Peeling the Onion

I tried to write a post for last Sunday as usual, but got completely stuck. The words just wouldn’t come, for whatever reason, and technical difficulties didn’t help (‘new’ laptop does not always equate to ‘good’ or ‘easy to use’ laptop, grrr!)

But while trying to find a particular old article I’d written, I came across this one from my days as a ‘mature’ writing student. It made me laugh. It’s not that it’s awful, it was just a particular line right at the end that amused me because of its assuredness that ‘most of the roughness was gone’ from my writing.

Nowadays I know that this is an ongoing, evolving thing; and while my writing has improved, it takes a long time to bring it to a polished stage, and it may never lose a certain roughness.

Here’s a link to the original story from 1998, a scan of the original page in the Victorian Writers’ Centre* newsletter of the time (I sort of like the roughness of the page itself, with my scrawly handwriting):

1998 Peeling the Onion (VWC)

Here’s to forever peeling that onion and working and re-working those drafts!

*Now called Writers Victoria

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