Day 3 ‘Complete Series’: Tim Winton’s Lockie Leonard books feature surfing and beaches, so I used my childhood bottle of shells collected from beaches around Australia.

I have finally caved. It was the ‘bookish’ photos that sucked me in, of pretty book covers with clever props, all colourful and inviting.

Instagram, like Twitter, has become the surprise hidy-hole for writing and reading types. Perhaps more the readers in this case, but still.

Secretly I have actually been on Instagram for almost a year, but just with a few friends, under a nickname, so I could keep in touch with them. But then came the #AusYAChallenge, and it was too enticing not to try.


Day 6 ‘Black or White Cover’: Razorhurst is set in 1930’s Sydney, so I tried to achieve a stark contrast using our bathroom tiles, hopefully giving it a slight art deco tiling feel!

I saw it on Twitter (of course!) organised by the #AusYABloggers to celebrate Australian Young Adult authors. They set up a list of one challenge a day for the 31 days of March, starting with Day 1: an Australian YA book featuring a strong female protagonist. Other challenges were Day 8: ‘interesting chapter title’, Day 12: ‘set in the future’, Day 18: ‘favourite colour cover’, Day 23: ‘favourite series’, and Day 20: ‘signed edition’.

It’s taken me back to some titles I’d long forgotten, and introduced me to new ones, plus it’s been a fabulous introduction to the challenge of finding props to match the theme or the colour of the book. My artistic side is attempting to come out, assisted by some very basic Instagram aids, such as framing, cropping and colouring the shots.


Day 5 ‘Book from your Childhood’: A Little Bush Maid featured a lot of horses, and my great-uncle Jack’s beautiful pewter stockhorse.

It’s been lovely to see what the others do too – there is no restriction apart from your creativity and ability with a camera phone, even one like mine which is basic. And I love some of the hashtags used to promote each post, from the author and publisher’s names to my favourites #Instaaaaaagram and #Bookstagram (very apt since it’s become the place to post photos of the latest book you’re raving over) 🙂

This is now the sixth type of social media I’m on as an author – the others being this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. It’s a great way to connect with others, especially readers, authors and publishing types, but I think I’ll be cutting down on a couple soon, to concentrate my energy. There’s just not enough hours in the day!


Day 1 ‘Strong Female Protagonist’: Josie from ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ by Melina Marchetta is an Aussie teen of Italian background, torn between her heritage and modern life. She’s one feisty girl and one of my all-time favourite YA reads 🙂

But I’m keen to stick with Instagram for now – we’re only up to Day 13, and I’m determined to do a separate book for each day (which includes an unexplained double-whammy with two choices for Day 28), and if possible, I will also try not to repeat an author. I will have read all of them (except of course for Day 25: TBR – to be read) but not owned an actual copy of each. I’m a fan of borrowing library books and getting the occasional cheap eBook too, otherwise we’d be needing a second mortgage 😉

If I survive until the end of March, I may do another blog to show you some more of the photos. Otherwise just hop on over to @carolynswriting on Instagram – you can have a look even if you’re not signed up, you just won’t be able to comment or ‘like’ any of the posts.

Maybe if you like them enough, you too can sign up and be lost to the world of pretty book covers 🙂

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Author, Menagerie Manager, 9-5er. Love my writing, my family and other animals, my friends, and even my job :)
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  1. Kami kam says:

    I just caved to!!haha

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