100 words to 64,000


Izzie assisting with the writing process.

Well, the 100 words a day was a success! I changed it to writing 200 words a day, mostly on my manuscript, with a daily reminder in my phone so I couldn’t just forget. I achieved that target most days. Often I did much more that 200 words. So yes, it can work – I’ve finished a draft of Inside Out, my second YA novel 🙂

I can highly recommend this method for writers who are strapped for time, or who (like me) constantly tell themselves they’ll set aside a day to write, then find themselves achieving nothing except procrastinational housework and the rearranging of their desks.

Inside Out is now about 64,000 words and is cohesive enough for me to have sent it out to four beta readers this week. Now I’m working on the dreaded synopsis, blurb and tagline.

Here’s the tagline: Bullied horribly, the shy, clumsy daughter of sports stars refuses to attend PE classes – and finds herself on stage instead. 

instagramcapture_ade03c35-21da-4c9d-81fe-fecf4a552c17_jpgIn other bookish news, I enjoyed myself attending a few events during the Melbourne Writers Festival, including the launch of Cath Crowley’s Words in Deep Blue, a lovely book about losing and finding love and letters in a secondhand bookshop. Fiona Wood and Simmone Howell introduced the book, and Cath is a warm and humble author who happily signed books and chatted. I love that the launch of an eagerly awaited novel by one of Australia’s best YA authors had plates of homemade food from herself and a couple of the other writers!

I’ve also joined a monthly brunch with other YA readers that’s very enjoyable, discussing (with much fervour) what we’ve been reading while brunching (my favourite meal of the day). Except for the part where wiring started burning and smoking in the cafe last Sunday… hopefully that cafe is still there for next month’s meeting 😉


Elvis and Tillie find a really good scent

The animals have been featuring on Instagram between all the book posts. I’d ask their opinion on this, but I suspect they don’t care at all apart from the treats and attention they receive during photo taking!

Tillie, at 13, is struggling a bit with her arthritis, and we’re a little worried at how she’ll cope with summer coming up. But her treatment and medication are going well, and she’s still happy, loving and extremely interested in her food and walks, so that’s a good sign to say the least.

Other than that, I’ve recovered from an operation on my right middle finger which was just day surgery to remove a benign lump. As it turns out, the lump was growing in an artery. No wonder it hurt! So my whole hand was bandaged for two weeks to allow it to heal, and while I had two weeks off, it was a bit restricted (no driving, difficult showering and um, toileting, plus one-handed typing – with my weaker hand). I highly appreciate having the use of both hands, that’s for sure.


Time to find more bookshelf space

And spring is well on its way here in Melbourne, with lots of rain which is a change to the past… well, fifteen years, really. It’s nice to have all the green and growth right now, but it doesn’t bode well for bushfire season this summer. Hopefully everyone will be on the ball and keeping paddocks, bush and weeds under control.

Well, I’m off to do a little more writing, and then reading before bed. I’ve achieved my Goodreads goal of 50 books already this year, so another three months should add a few more. I haven’t read this much for years – I discovered it just takes some practice to get back into it. And it’s doing my own writing a world of good.  Tonight I’m beta-reading a draft of a YA manuscript for one of my beta readers – it’s fantastic and very funny so far!

Hope you’re all well, and what are you reading yourselves?


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  1. Congrats on the draft! I like the small numbers – so much more manageable if you’re busy.

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