February already!


Hermie assisting with my Instagram bookshoot…

Um yes, so about keeping up those blog posts… no, it hasn’t been as frequent as I’d like.

Well, it doesn’t matter, I’m here now and keeping busy enough 🙂

I’ve got my manuscript, ‘Inside Out’ back from some lovely beta readers who were both complimentary and practical in their advice. The best part was that they empathised with my very shy MC, Allie, and loved her friend Izzie, which is exactly what I wanted.

I did a workshop with the amazing Nicole Hayes on getting your manuscript moving – it was both inspiring & a reminder of how much work I need to do on the structure and to incorporate some things that my beta readers have mentioned.

On that point, I’ll be removing some embarrassingly dated items as I first started this manuscript over twenty years ago. A few small things have changed in technology since then. One of which is that most of the magazines we used to read in secondary school (such as Dolly and Cleo) are now only available online.

Once I’ve made those changes to my manuscript and re-worked the synopsis, I aim to start querying it with agents – wish me luck!

Apart from writing on and off, I read 72 books last year and I’m aiming for 80 this year, including some non-fiction which I’m not good at reading for some reason. I need that narrative flow to keep me going, it seems.

I’m doing a #LoveOzYAChallenge on Instagram for February, so 28 days of choosing an Aussie YA title to match the daily challenge: today’s was ‘Country Towns’ so I picked a verse novel by Steven Herrick, ‘By The River’, about two brothers growing up in a claustrophobically-small town.


The author Amie Kaufman (L) launching Nicole Hayes’ (R) latest YA novel, ‘A Shadow’s Breath’

Last Friday night I attended the launch of Nicole Hayes’ third YA novel, ‘A Shadow’s Breath’. It’s always inspirational to hear writers talk about their ideas and the work that they put in, and also the incredible support they receive from family, friends and the book community, especially other authors. It was lovely to catch up with people like Shivaun Plozza, author of ‘Frankie’, and Ellie Marney, author of the ‘Every’ series, plus meet others in the YA community for the first time IRL (‘In Real Life’ – see, I’m learning from the kids, ha).

And next Friday we’re flying across the country to my nephew’s wedding in WA for only 3 days – I think I may take the laptop for the several hours’ drive south from Perth to Augusta. It’s a long trip but so much fun to catch up with family – there’s at least ten of us travelling on the same flight from Melbourne 🙂


Family portrait – spot the second cat!

We’ll miss all the pets but a very good friend is house-sitting and I suspect she’s going to enjoy spoiling them as much as they’ll enjoy being spoilt!

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Author, Menagerie Manager, 9-5er. Love my writing, my family and other animals, my friends, and even my job :)
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    That’s a lovely post Carolyn.

    May be some reminiscing about past Gilpin expeditions across the nullarbor while we’re in WA for the wedding.

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