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It’s all about you… or me… or us

Australia’s in the middle of a campaign right now to cut out single-use plastic bags, straws, bottles, etc. And it’s making me think about human behaviour. How often do you ignore something wrong, something as simple as a discarded can … Continue reading

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A little bit green

I once wrote an article called ‘The Silence of the Seeds’, about torturing innocent little capsules of life. It was quite a violent piece, but I was shamefully proud of it. However, this trashy bit of true-crime writing only made it to … Continue reading

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Just one person

I’ve just read this quote from the great, and now late, Terry Pratchett, hilarious author and committed environmentalist (it’s courtesy of a Nia’s Friends Facebook post – see their great website here: Breaking The Brand). “Even if it’s not your … Continue reading

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