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Happy New Year and all that

It’s been a slow year on the blogging front, but I’m happy to say I’m doing a lot more work on my manuscripts instead, so that evens things out in my opinion. While I don’t have any solid news about the … Continue reading

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Antiheroines to the rescue

I had a great opportunity to be interviewed by Belinda Crawford, indie author of the Hero Rebellion series. Belinda has been running occasional interviews with writers who have created antiheroines, those fabulous females who run against the grain.  They’re not good … Continue reading

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Ripping off the band-aid

Are you the sort of person who rips off the band-aid straight away, or do you soak it in the shower before trying to peel it off, one excruciating millimetre at a time? I was thinking about this today, after deciding … Continue reading

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Pleasing moments of freedom

Have you ever found yourself doing something that made you feel wonderfully free? Not illegal, or nasty, or anything like that. Just something that you wouldn’t dream of being able to do normally, mainly because we live in a society … Continue reading

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