Facing Up – a YA novel

5star-flat-webA five star review from Jack Magnus at Readers’ Favorite, for Facing Up!

“(Carly’s) a phenomenal character, even with all her prickly self-defensive maneuvers, or perhaps in part because of them. I had such a grand time reading Facing Up.”


Facing Up_Cover.inddMetal crunched, screamed as the force sent bodies in all directions. Instant stink of burnt rubber, glimpse of an arm flying up.

Only the signpost slamming into the side window stopped Carly’s momentum. Glass crunched. Then there was nothing. 

Since the car accident, Carly hasn’t changed that much. She’s still yelling at her family, rebelling, alienating most people. Only now she has reasons to be angry.

The guy she liked is heading to jail for causing the accident. His mate was killed. Carly’s best friend Suzie is now wheelchair-bound. And a complete stranger is dead.

Life sucks, and Carly’s coping the only way she can.

If she can’t pull herself together, everything will fall apart. But what can you do when your face is half full of tiny glass pieces?

Released as an independent publication on October 6, 2014, Facing Up follows Carly, a 19 year old Aussie girl who is still recovering from the trauma of a car accident one year ago. She’s attending university, but it’s a struggle, and she has very few people to turn to, as she tends to push most of them away. But her friend Suzie is still there for her, despite her own difficulties, and she finds out that not everyone is put off by her attitude or the scars on one side of her face.

If she can hold it together long enough, she may just meet a nice guy, and stop her younger brother from following her destructive path… maybe.

Suitable for mature readers of 14+. Language warning.


Facing Up is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook for $0.99 USD 

Click here for the eBook details on the US website, or click here for the Australian Amazon website.

It’s also available as a paperback for $19.95 AUD plus postage to anywhere in Australia.

Please email me via the ‘Contact Me’ page on this website if you wish to buy a copy (overseas postage costs can be confirmed at time of sale) 🙂


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