Non-Fiction Writing

Equine Genetics, a Game of Chance; July 1995

I’d struggle today to sit down and explain basic genetics to someone but this was actually my first published piece of writing ever, so it has to go in! It was from an essay I wrote while studying Horse Management at Glenormiston College, and my lecturer suggested I send it off to a magazine. It took several years but I finally did so, and heard nothing for months. Then a cheque turned up in the mail out of the blue, no warning phone call, no note of explanation. I rushed down to the local newsagent, found the latest Hoofs & Horns magazine, and there it was, my first published byline and story. At least they spelt my name correctly! I still have it framed in the study as my first publication.

1995 Hoofs & Horns Equine Genetics

Surf’s Up; The Big Issue magazine, 22 Feb-8 Mar 1999

I have the sporting ability of a store mannequin (funny how many writers are that way!) but couldn’t resist doing a story on taking a surfing lesson with a very cool lady who has made a difference in quite a few lives by getting them on a board and into the scary big ocean. Thanks to my cousin Jason Williams, who took the photos, thus accidentally turning me into a cover girl!

Surf’s Up Cover

Surf’s Up Story

 90-mile Riding; The Australian Way magazine, February 1999

The Treasures of Gippsland are a well-known farming family, mountain cattlemen from way back. Many years ago, I studied at the now defunct Glenormiston Agricultural College with Ben Treasure, who with his brother John ran a trail riding company, including a trip where you could help them move their cattle down from the mountains before winter set it. I so regret not taking up Ben’s offer to go with them on one of those trips… Sadly, now their company is one of the many victims of the massive hike in insurance for such adventures; and the ongoing argument for/against cattle being grazed on the Victorian alps continues, changing with each governmental whim. But below is a story of the ride that I did partake in, on the stunning 90 Mile Beach in East Gippsland. Riding a horse along a wild, near-deserted beach was a dream come true, and the accompanying shearing shed accommodation and beautiful coastal wildlife was icing on the proverbial!

1999 Austn Way 90 Mile Riding

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