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Noooo! Not the dog!

When I gave my mother a copy of ‘Marley and Me’ to read, I warned her it was sad. My pragmatic mum just shrugged and said, ‘It’s a dog book – they always die in the end!’ Which of course can … Continue reading

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Pets pictorial

Well, it’s not Wordless Wednesday, but it is Easter Sunday, and to be frank, I’m feeling rather lazy and completely over-fed! So here’s a few photos of the menagerie to enjoy along with your eggs 🙂    

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Animal Love

My mother’s first words when I told her were ‘Oh no, not again! But you’ll have to go through the same thing, so soon!’ No, I wasn’t re-sitting an exam, or re-writing a chapter of my novel after a computer … Continue reading

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Pleasing moments of freedom

Have you ever found yourself doing something that made you feel wonderfully free? Not illegal, or nasty, or anything like that. Just something that you wouldn’t dream of being able to do normally, mainly because we live in a society … Continue reading

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Coming up for breath…

It’s been a long December, with my 9-5 job amping up (I always forget I get busier just before Christmas!); a wedding to go to on the other side of the continent; plus of course Christmas itself with allll that … Continue reading

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Around (part of) the World in less than 80 minutes

Well, I’ve loaded up a few more articles – boy, has that been a trip into the fading depths of my memory! With a full-time job now and a household of animals to care for, I’d sort of forgotten just … Continue reading

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