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It’s officially the first day of three weeks’ holiday for me, and the sun is shining here to celebrate! (actually we’re having a very dry, warm start to Autumn here in Melbourne so rain would not spoil my day either) … Continue reading

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A little bit of selling never hurt…

It’s the common denominator of becoming an author these days, whether self-published or traditionally-published. You have to market your book (or rather, your name). No, I’m not a highly successful self-publisher – I have only put out one book, and … Continue reading

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Green is not always good

Envy. Envy is on my mind. It’s an evil side effect of the creative spirit. Well, of anyone who wants to succeed at anything – business, art, parenting, marriage, money. It’s that little twinge of ‘why not meeee?’ It’s such a … Continue reading

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Coming up for breath…

It’s been a long December, with my 9-5 job amping up (I always forget I get busier just before Christmas!); a wedding to go to on the other side of the continent; plus of course Christmas itself with allll that … Continue reading

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A very good friend of mine has pointed out a couple of typos in the previous post – that’s what happens when you type in a hurry and don’t take the time to proof-read it, or to let it sit … Continue reading

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So here we go…

Welcome to my website! Twenty years ago when I began writing, there was nothing like this, so we told our friends via phone or letter (*explanation below for you younger folk) or (eek!) face to face, when we had something … Continue reading

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