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Traveller’s charms

Travel writing is such a wonderful mix of education and entertainment, self-indulgence and showing-off! It’s where you get to say things like ‘Returning from a piranha fishing trip, we find our host dragging an anaconda out of the spare room’ … Continue reading

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Pleasing moments of freedom

Have you ever found yourself doing something that made you feel wonderfully free? Not illegal, or nasty, or anything like that. Just something that you wouldn’t dream of being able to do normally, mainly because we live in a society … Continue reading

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Confession: I was once a cover girl

It’s not really something I talk about, but… I was once a cover girl. Glamorous, you say? Ha! Just look at the picture! But I had once thought (as a teenager) that it would be cool to be a model, … Continue reading

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Good question…

Our local paper did a short interview with me last week (love the local paper, they really do support the community!) and the journo asked me why I wrote Facing Up.  It’s odd but not many people have asked that, … Continue reading

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