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February already!

Um yes, so about keeping up those blog posts… no, it hasn’t been as frequent as I’d like. Well, it doesn’t matter, I’m here now and keeping busy enough 🙂 I’ve got my manuscript, ‘Inside Out’ back from some lovely … Continue reading

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What I did on my holidays…

It’s been a lovely three weeks on holiday but I have no idea where the time went! The dogs and cats have loved having me home – hopefully they’ll cope when I’m back at work. Tillie passed some health tests … Continue reading

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Tea, darling?

Really, this is just an excuse to post a photo of my beloved blue teapot, bought in the quirky country town of Castlemaine while on a rare weekend away with my husband a few years ago. When we first met, we … Continue reading

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River side

Reading by the dim light and low hiss of the gas lantern, my lids droop from being immersed in my book. Dad gets out of bed and draws our bunk curtains closed, then I hear the hiss and pop as he turns … Continue reading

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Pleasing moments of freedom

Have you ever found yourself doing something that made you feel wonderfully free? Not illegal, or nasty, or anything like that. Just something that you wouldn’t dream of being able to do normally, mainly because we live in a society … Continue reading

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Someone finished my book!!

I’m very excited – I’ve had two people finish AND enjoy my book Facing Up recently! OK, this doesn’t sound like a huge success story, so I should clarify that neither of them have read a novel since high school, … Continue reading

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Coming up for breath…

It’s been a long December, with my 9-5 job amping up (I always forget I get busier just before Christmas!); a wedding to go to on the other side of the continent; plus of course Christmas itself with allll that … Continue reading

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