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February already!

Um yes, so about keeping up those blog posts… no, it hasn’t been as frequent as I’d like. Well, it doesn’t matter, I’m here now and keeping busy enough 🙂 I’ve got my manuscript, ‘Inside Out’ back from some lovely … Continue reading

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Well, I survived a weekend of writing and writers! Two days of a Writers Victoria Young Adult Masterclass with the lovely Maureen McCarthy, whose breakthrough novel Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude Get a Life was one of my favourites when … Continue reading

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Green is not always good

Envy. Envy is on my mind. It’s an evil side effect of the creative spirit. Well, of anyone who wants to succeed at anything – business, art, parenting, marriage, money. It’s that little twinge of ‘why not meeee?’ It’s such a … Continue reading

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Around (part of) the World in less than 80 minutes

Well, I’ve loaded up a few more articles – boy, has that been a trip into the fading depths of my memory! With a full-time job now and a household of animals to care for, I’d sort of forgotten just … Continue reading

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