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I’ve been quiet again on the blog, and also haven’t been reading many other blogs, so my apologies. However, there has been a lot of reading, writing and submitting of manuscripts (to an agent, two publishers and a competition), so … Continue reading

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February already!

Um yes, so about keeping up those blog posts… no, it hasn’t been as frequent as I’d like. Well, it doesn’t matter, I’m here now and keeping busy enough 🙂 I’ve got my manuscript, ‘Inside Out’ back from some lovely … Continue reading

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Dog humour

Have you ever wondered if dogs have a sense of humour? I’ve always thought they do. My old dog Taylor, a smart Kelpie x Border Collie with a big personality, loved playing games with us. One was hide and seek … Continue reading

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What I did on my holidays…

It’s been a lovely three weeks on holiday but I have no idea where the time went! The dogs and cats have loved having me home – hopefully they’ll cope when I’m back at work. Tillie passed some health tests … Continue reading

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Happy holidays!

I’ve always thought ‘happy holidays’ to be an overly-polite, rather PC phrase, but now I realise how useful it is, especially being in contact with people from all over the world and different cultures via this blog. So while all … Continue reading

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Oh poo!

My husband and I have developed a bit of an obsession. I’ve heard that it’s similar with parents of newborns. It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but… it’s an obession with poo  *look away now if you’re squeamish, also a mild … Continue reading

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Sunday lazy day

Exactly what the title says – it’s Sunday night after a busy weekend so it’s photo time 🙂                                             … Continue reading

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