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Happy New Year and all that

It’s been a slow year on the blogging front, but I’m happy to say I’m doing a lot more work on my manuscripts instead, so that evens things out in my opinion. While I don’t have any solid news about the … Continue reading

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Will I ever grow up?

This is not a new subject for any adult involved in writing, reading and reviewing Young Adult books – we get asked ‘why’ a lot. As in “Why do we ‘still’ like YA, even though we’re supposedly now grown up”? I have thought … Continue reading

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100 words to 64,000

Well, the 100 words a day was a success! I changed it to writing 200 words a day, mostly on my manuscript, with a daily reminder in my phone so I couldn’t just forget. I achieved that target most days. … Continue reading

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Secondhand Love

In my past life as a bookseller, I once spent thirty looong minutes with a customer who insisted on checking through piles of books to find the perfect copy. She wanted only pristine editions, preferably ones that human hands had not … Continue reading

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It’s officially the first day of three weeks’ holiday for me, and the sun is shining here to celebrate! (actually we’re having a very dry, warm start to Autumn here in Melbourne so rain would not spoil my day either) … Continue reading

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Formatting and 99c sale!

I’ve reduced the Kindle version of Facing Up to US$0.99c in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, just because! It’s interesting to play around with these things on the Kindle Direct website. I hadn’t realised that I can reduce … Continue reading

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The perils of reading

Check out this funny Goodreads blog about the terrible issues faced by book readers, that suffering class of people 😉 Number Two is a big one for me – “Feeling sad for people who don’t really exist” (Kimberly Moniz). Ridiculous, isn’t … Continue reading

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