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Still Peeling the Onion

I tried to write a post for last Sunday as usual, but got completely stuck. The words just wouldn’t come, for whatever reason, and technical difficulties didn’t help (‘new’ laptop does not always equate to ‘good’ or ‘easy to use’ laptop, … Continue reading

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Double book launch

On Wednesday night I went to a book launch at the lovely Readings Carlton bookshop for not one but two Young Adult authors, Kirsty Eagar and Justine Larbalestier. Both are respected writers with a number of novels behind them, and … Continue reading

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Oh editing

Will I ever learn? Last week I sent off my short story (the dialogue one as mentioned previously) to a competition, then printed it off for my husband to read when he had the time. Yes, I was in a … Continue reading

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Working away…

This is one of those posts that writers use to make ourselves sound busy 😉 No, really, it’s a good idea, useful to remind ourselves of what can be achieved, and something to look back on when we’re feeling flat … Continue reading

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Back to it

It’s not a happy thing when you organise a long weekend to catch up on sleep and writing, but open your email on the Friday night to find your beloved short story has been rejected (yet again)! This was particularly hard as … Continue reading

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Ripping off the band-aid

Are you the sort of person who rips off the band-aid straight away, or do you soak it in the shower before trying to peel it off, one excruciating millimetre at a time? I was thinking about this today, after deciding … Continue reading

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Green is not always good

Envy. Envy is on my mind. It’s an evil side effect of the creative spirit. Well, of anyone who wants to succeed at anything – business, art, parenting, marriage, money. It’s that little twinge of ‘why not meeee?’ It’s such a … Continue reading

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