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Some exciting news! I’ve won a Varuna Residential Fellowship for 2019 šŸ™‚ This is an amazing opportunity for Australian writers – basically it’s a writing retreat in Katoomba, in the beautiful, mystical Blue Mountains just west of Sydney.Ā  It’s two … Continue reading

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YA Day

At the end of January (I know, I haven’t blogged for um… quite some time), I was lucky to attend a brilliant Young Adult book event. YA Day was organised by two lovely girls who have been stalwarts of Melbourne’s … Continue reading

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Will I ever grow up?

This is not a new subject for any adultĀ involved in writing, readingĀ andĀ reviewing Young Adult books – we get asked ‘why’ a lot. As in “Why do we ‘still’ like YA, even though we’re supposedly now grown up”? I have thought … Continue reading

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It’s officially the first day of three weeks’ holiday for me, and the sun is shining here to celebrate! (actually we’re having a very dry, warm start to Autumn here in Melbourne so rain would not spoil my day either) … Continue reading

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4/5 Wonderkitties!

I have just had the lovely honour of my book being reviewed by Emily Mead (aka The Loony Literate), an 18 year old Aussie book blogger who read an extraordinary 140+ books last year – while completing her final year … Continue reading

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YA heroine, 1910 style

Recently I read aĀ Stella Prize interview with Melbourne Young Adult author, Nicole Hayes, in which she talks about the lack of Australian YA authors when she was a teen, and the importance of having stories from your own country. Here’s … Continue reading

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A friend commented after reading my book Facing Up that it might have too much Australian slang forĀ an overseas audience. The dialect isn’t trying to be overly Aussie as such, but it still has that flavour. And there areĀ some terms … Continue reading

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